Dog gives birth to a human baby

A strange creature resembling a human baby was born in Ukraine in 2007, it was confirmed Friday.

Local residents have feared that the creature may be affected by the leakage of nuclear radiation.

The Zhytomir municipal government unveiled a photo on the creature, shocking residents, according to local media in Ukraine.

The creature in the photo was born by a dog at a farm on the outskirts of Zhytromir city on Aug. 21, 2007. The creature born along with five other baby dogs generally resembles a human baby with arms, legs and production organs similar with those of human being. The creature was killed immediately after the birth, reports said.

The residents did not make it an issue as their education level was low. Their village is located in remote area. However, some residents said that it might took place as a result of the radiation leakage and the rumors rapidly spread to other residents.

The municipal government has asked biologists and zoologists to confirm what it is, expecting that they will be able to find out why such a thing has happened.

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